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Why Firstchoice?

At first choice, we produce exceptional ready-mix concrete supplies using unconventional technology at world-class, automated batching and mixing plants. We aim to make a better future for our consumers and the trusted employees working for us. We aim to frame a brighter world through innovation. The construction industry has been changing toward more efficient, cost-effective, and environment-friendly, inspiring us to be more innovative.

FC Admix CG is a synthetic emulsion-based liquid admixture used in place of water to improve the quality of cement grouts. It is ideal for interior and exterior tile joint filling applications and, improves water absorption resistance and enhances flexibility & durability to have better performance.


  1. Prevents the growth of stain-causing bacteria and fungus
  2. Provides dense and strong joints, which prevents powdering and cracking
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Self-curing
  5. Non-shrinkage and resistance to stains
  6. Reduces the colour fade issues
  7. Reduces absorption and staining
  8. For both interior and exterior applications

Product Benefits

  • Improves Compressive Strength
  • Reduces water absorption and staining
  • Provides flexibility
  • Makes joints dense and strong

Understand Ready Mix

Ready-mix concrete manufacturers produce concrete specially manufactured for consumer construction purposes and supplied on-site as a single product. Ready-mix concrete provides higher quality, and variations between batches are minimum when concrete is prepared in a plant setting. Preferring ready mix concrete can reduce wastage, is eco-friendly and efficient with better quality and consistency.

Value Added Services

The Automatic production facility has three stages - A quality Control System, Firm Quality Assurance and a Quality Control team that uses proven technology to analyse customer needs, supported by a dedicated and highly experienced Technical Services Team. Together they help you select the right product and optimise the mix design with variable cement and aggregate qualities.